Humanist without forgetting the commercial viability. Ecological without losing comfort. The code of conduct (which will remain a proposition) will evolve with the wishes and comments from customers and operators via a blog. The goal is to give a voice to all those who wish by their good ideas, to promote and implement Environmental and Social improvements. The focus will be primarily based on the protection of nature, local consumption in accordance with the seasons.

Local stakeholders will be given priority; the FareVillages should serve the interests of all. The charter will be established specifically by the main manager or owner of the FareVillage.

All FareVillages will live, develop; improve their approach based on proposals from clients, owners and the team of technicians. Farea works with engineers from UTBM (University of Belfort-Montbéliard) in order to improve the productive engineering. The objectives are to reduce manufacturing costs, improve its ecological rating, refine its technology.

The Farea community will put together, via a "managed" blog, the suggested changes, options and study envisaged initiatives for the proposed code of conduct. Tourist operators, investors of the first Faréas will therefore benefit from the improvements and will have priority for the exchange of old for new Faréas, in order to be always at the initiative of developments of the company.