On a base of 16 Faréas, and the presence on average of 5 clients per Farea, the consumptions envisaged are:

WATER (shower, and washing - up 70 liters, i.e. half a tank (a tank holds 170 liters) per day. The filter system allows at least 3 cycles and up to 6 cycles.

The drainage can be scheduled every 7 days, whether it’s for the supply of water or for the toilets.

With 4 Fareas drained / day, in 4 days the FaréVillage is in working order.

Of the 16 Faréas of the FaréVillage, I recommend a couple can ensure a presence day and night in order to prevent all inconveniences, but also to offer a delivery service of bread and croissants in the morning etc.. Eventually a laundry service.

The code of conduct (that I want respected in all FaréVillages) develops the issue of food.

Specification sheet FAREA :

> Length : 11.78 m

> Width : 7.15 m

> Surface to sea : 84 m2

> 4 tons full load

> Central Living Area : 40m²

> Available surface per cabin : 4.5m²

> Maximum ceiling height 2.28 m and 2 m minimum



The FaréVillages can be organized as small towns with Faréas for:

1) Oyster tasting (rental made by one or more oyster farmers)
2) Craft shop (local) rented by several craftsmen
3) Creperie or sandwich bar etc..

Seasonality is to take into account for: aquatic sports competitions. It will be more enjoyable and more economical for the club to be housed in Faréas (converted into dormitories).

In addition, the grouping of competitors will give the event a festive flavor!

The events department of Farea can organize your events. The summer season will focus on "pure" tourism.