The issue of autonomy in water is related to the ease of use management. The installation of a single large tank is a problem taking into account that it must be calibrated for at least 8 people on board. We therefore decided to install a closed water circuit consisting of two 170 liter tanks supplying the kitchen and bathroom, filtered and fed back into the circuit.

The filter allows:

1) A constant availability of water
2) A real economy
3) A distance between the discharge and the filling
4) A significant weight gain

But this system implies:

1) The presence on board of a refrigerator large enough. This refrigerator (to meet energy saving) needs to have horizontal opening for better conservation of the cold.
2) The installation of a mobile "tank" to receive liquids: milk, water beer, wine, etc.. (about 20 liters) lowered down to the lake bottom (or other) to benefit from the fresh and natural temperatures.

A professional study concerning the quality of filtered water (which we will insert in the Appendix) is available.


Our partner, Eco-Power Solution, brings an expertise and a choice of departure for the development of services circuits, sidelights, indoor and outdoor lighting, pressurizing the water circuit as well as the propulsion circuit (optional).

A separate complete file presents in detail the characteristics of each element and their prices obtained by Farea.


"Human production" except for liquids is not reusable in nature.

Treatment by conventional circuits is essential. Recovery will be made by the manager and brought to Faréas communal services.

On the other hand liquids are able to be disposed of in the fields with the consent of the owners (farmers).
This solution provides significant processing time relieving management.

For 5-8 persons : one weeks’ use is possible before draining.


In normal commercial operation, the number of occupants is 8 people. This number represents the equipment necessary for meals (plates, glasses, and cutlery) and means used for the kitchen, showers, and toilets.


Families with young children will be able to install a movable partition in order for children to be able to sleep near the "master" cabin.


"Exceptional" Utilization

Certified for 12 people, the Faréas can receive sports teams participating in a competition in the area where the Faréa is located. Installation of 2 x 2 bunk beds in the master bedroom, with the use of the cabins allows the possibility to sleep 12 people.