THE SPIRIT OF FAREA : the dismantable floating house

GLOBAL PROPERTIES : the floating house

The "concept" of FaréVillages, a set of floating house :

FAREA germinated in my mind during my travels around the world. It is through contact with different people encountered and their ways of life that I refined and developed the project.

At a time of global economic crisis, it’s imperative to reconsider the priorities in realizing our responsibility in relation to the planet and the care that we must provide.

A New world on the water, that of the floating home :

It is thus urgent to orientate our approach towards sustainable development and focus on renewable energy.

The desire to live in harmony with nature requires taking into account the current socio-economic context. "The Farea tool" must offer the best way to enjoy its benefits while ensuring a viable Economic organization

Specification sheet FAREA :

> Length : 11.78 m

> Width : 7.15 m

> Surface to sea : 84 m2

> 4 tons full load

> Central Living Area : 40m²

> Available surface per cabin : 4.5m²

> Maximum ceiling height 2.28 m and 2 m minimum


Why do I create Farea ?

This project was first a dream but is now a reality. Today I want to share this project with the world and inspire people with well-being, happiness and eco-tourism.

The dream of Faréa took 3 steps to be in place : 2006, I got the inspiration of the project and started to draft the Eco lodge Faréa - 2010, The Start of Faréa - 2015, Making water certified ICNN prototype and the commercialization of Faréa Eco lodges.